The leading Italian pharmaceutical company

The MENARINI Group, headquartered in Florence, is the leading Italian pharmaceutical company. It operates in more than 130 countries worldwide. With its more than 125 years of history, the Group guarantees internationally recognised quality.

The altogether more than 17,000 employees of the MENARINI Group strive daily to offer innovative health solutions and to improve the lives of people. The Group’s annual worldwide turnover is 3.6 billion Euros.

> 17,000 Employees

> 130 Countries

€ 3.6 Billion Sales

The financial results are testament to an effective strategy on the basis of research, innovation and internationalisation, as well as to the ability to recognise and meet the demands of both physicians and patients equally.

One of the core strengths of the MENARINI philosophy is its collaboration with international partners: The aim is to develop synergies that lead to innovative solutions, pharmaceutical products and services in the health sector.

At MENARINI, a high level of quality forms the basis of a common corporate strategy. All corporate structures are involved in various levels of the drug manufacturing process: an efficient system which has created a unique working reference to ensure quality in every phase, from research to production, from sales to the provision of scientific information. We do all this with one goal in mind: excellence.

Worldwide, the group operates seven research centres and 16 production sites, which produce more than 585 million drug units every year.

The growth of the Group has remained constant in terms of its turnover and workforce and is the result of a corporate strategy based on research & development and internationalisation. This way of thinking also benefits BERLIN-CHEMIE, which consistently and successfully carries this strategy forward in its area of responsibility.

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